Farm-Fresh Meat Shares Available Now!

Farm-Fresh Meat & Produce in Bluemont, VA


American Meadows is a family farm located in Bluemont, Virginia, specializing in rotational, organically-focused farming including: eggs, poultry, lamb, turkey and more. We take pride in pasture. Join our farm family to learn about farm-fresh egg subscriptions, available product and more. Learn more about 


Why Choose American Meadows Products


The quality and care our family puts into our farm animals shows up in our products and on your table.


In the process of creating delicious and healthy food, we’re also rebuilding soil and regenerating the land for our kids and future generations.


Our farm is herbicide, pesticide, anti-biotic, and steroid free. All of our operations are pasture or forest based and we exclusively use local, non-GMO feed.

Find American Meadows Products at Vanish Farmwoods Brewery or contact us for pickup or delivery information.

Meet the Farmers

Natalie and Brian recently left their corporate jobs to run the farm full-time with their four kids, five dogs, barn cat, and tons of help from family and friends.