Farm-Fresh Meat Shares Available Now!

Local, Farm Share & Meat Delivery in Bluemont, VA

Only 19 Farm Shares Still Available

Treat yourself to pasture-raised meats at our Bluemont, Virginia-based farm. By joining our Farm Share Meat Subscription, you’ll be able to say goodbye to factory-farmed meats and embrace the nourishing goodness that comes from ethically sourced meat. It’s like buying stocks you can taste!

Your Farm Share will include a delivery of 30 farm-fresh eggs, 4lbs pasture-raised lamb, 10lbs organically fed pork, two whole chickens monthly AND two turkeys available in October available. Discover the true taste of organically and pasture-raised, delivered straight to your doorstep within 15 miles of Bluemont, VA.

Why Choose American Meadows


The quality and care our family puts into our farm animals shows up in our products and on your table.


In the process of creating delicious and healthy food, we’re also rebuilding soil and regenerating the land for our kids and future generations.


Our farm is herbicide, pesticide, anti-biotic, and steroid free. All of our operations are pasture or forest based and we exclusively use local, non-GMO feed.

What’s Included in Your Farm Share:

🐓 Ethically Raised Poultry: Indulge in two whole non-GMOs chickens every month, raised with utmost care on our farm. These chickens roam freely on lush pastures, resulting in exceptional flavor and superior quality.

🐷 Forest-Raised Pork: Enjoy 10 pounds of our finest, naturally raised pork each month. Our heritage-breed pigs live in a stress-free environment, resulting in tender, succulent meat that is both healthy and humane.

🐑 Pasture-Raised Lamb: Savor the deliciousness of 4 pounds of pasture-raised lamb each month. Our lambs graze on pesticide-free pastures, resulting in tender, flavorful cuts.

🥚 Organic Farm Eggs: Start your mornings right with 30 organic farm-fresh eggs each month. Laid by hens that roam freely on our farm, these eggs are packed with nutrients and have a richness that store-bought eggs simply can’t match.

🦃 Seasonal Farm Bounty: We have Thanksgiving taken care of for you! Get 2 turkeys in October to use for your Thanksgiving feast! Plus, experience the joy of seasonal gifts. From vibrant organic fruits and vegetables to nourishing bone broth and golden honey, each delivery brings you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anywhere within a 15 mile radius of Bluemont, Virginia. We also have a fridge located at Vanish Brewery in Leesburg and can coordinate pickups.

To become a part of the American Meadows Family, we offer two subscription tiers – $330 per month for monthly lamb, pork and eggs or $390 per month with 2 turkeys provided in October AND 10% off any additional product purchases. Not interested in meat? Ask us about our egg-only subscriptions.

We provide a cooler for you if needed. You set out your empty cooler on delivery day, we will swap it with a full one!                  

All of our meat is freezer-ready.

Sure! Shoot us a message below!

Awesome! You can add additional items to your delivery at 10% off if you are a farm share member!